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"Professional, trustworthy and high quality service..."

A professional, trustworthy and high quality service that always pulls through and gets the job done very well. Thank you for all your hard work.

Felix Luxe
"Responded to an internet query within minutes..."

Spilt a full cup of coffee on our new rug and then things got much worse when we then tried a rug doctor to get it out. Literally made it three times worse as the stain expanded. Called Ivan and he responded to an internet query within minutes. He came out the next day and sorted the stain. Required two treatments but really happy with the result. Amazing communication throughout and hugely impressed with his professionalism. Great work.

Steve Simighean
"Team got back to me almost immediately..."

The team got back to me almost immediately with an option of times & services. The carpet looked great after and we didn’t have to wait for it to dry – perfect during the winter. Thanks!

Georgina Bell
"Got my white couches looking good as new..."

Amazing! So friendly and got my white couches looking good as new. Will be using again for sure!

Natalie Ferrari
"I highly recommend this business..."

What can I say, terrific! I highly recommend this business. Ivan was highly professional and a very efficient worker. He spoke to me about stains that needed specialised care before he just assumed what I wanted. The communication was really good. The completed job was quick, clean, super !!! I will definitely use Carpet CPR again!!

Justine Reynoldson
"They use environmentally friendly cleaning products..."

Exceeded expectations! Chosen because they use environmentally friendly cleaning products; and for that reason (and how bad the mould was on the massive thick curtain) I wasn’t expecting to get a bright white spotless curtain back. Clearly an honest perfectionist, he showed me some minscule, negligable stain he couldn’t reach inside the hem. Highly recommend.

C. Robson
"So happy with the service and such amazing results..."

Had a huge stain on my carpet and CarpetCPR got it out in under 30 mins! So happy with the service and such amazing results, definitely recommend!

Mali-Marie Newman

Amazing Services, easy communication, they came and saved me on the next day after I called. They removed my pets urine just in a few hours. Definitely recommend check them out if you need carpet or mattresses cleaning in Queenstown or Central Otago.

Eric Ben

We had a fire in our rental home and although the fire itself didn’t reach our lounge furniture, the damage from the smoke and water left us believing we would have to throw the whole suite away. After talking to Ivan and his team and explaining the situation he was fairly confident that they would be able to eradicate all smell from the smoke and the toxins left behind, although he did warn us that occasionally the furniture may be too far gone to salvage. He was upfront and honest, professional, thorough, extremely knowledgable, you can tell he has a real passion for what he does and he’s an all round great guy. We are so pleased that we decided to go with Carpet CPR as opposed to a well known national company and will 100% use them again for any carpet or upholstery cleaning needs we have. Thanks Ivan and your team, we are very impressed!

Megan Hutton

These guys were Awesome. We used them for an end of tenancy clean and the landlords were also super impressed. We had been living in the house for 3.5 years with a dog but you would have never known. The wooden floors also came up great. The knowledge , products and options you have are like no other around QT. Their communication was epic and were super punctual and flexible. Thanks team.

Ashlee Bowman

There’s a reason why Carpet CPR has outstanding reviews, and it’s because they’re fantastic at what they do and are excellent to deal with. I’m so grateful they were recommended to me after I followed incorrect cleaning directions for a relatively new wool carpet. I was mortified and reached out to them online, Ivan called me within ten minutes and the next morning they arrived to crack on with the carpet cleaning and did a great job. It’s worth noting that on both occasions Carpet CPR has visited they’ve been on time and even sent me a text saying they’re on their way – what a game changer! Frankly, if you have a whoopsie with your carpet – just give these guys a call – it’s your best chance of getting it sorted and will save you a heap of stress. Cheers team!

Carys R

A stain from a curry in carpet needed gone, come up great, these guys went above and beyond to make it happen

Nikki Pratt

Top operator. Goes beyond for the client. Recommended

Clark Murphy

Fantastic service! Highly recommend! Extremely attentive to details, and professional! Worth every penny! I bought a white couch not over a year ago of which my dog was courteous enough to have left a couple of yellow stains on the bottom corners. Had my wife beside herself. We tried everything, but nothing worked. Just when we thought we were running out of options, alas carpet CPR turns up from a google search I typed in. Thanks to these guys, my wife can relax knowing that the couch looks like brand new again. We are also expecting a baby soon, so while Carpet CPR were fixing the couch, they disinfected all the carpets around the house as well. Very glad and very grateful for what you guys had done. Definitely have taken the stress out of not knowing where to turn to next. Keep up the great work!

Michael Jenner

Responded to my online query within the hour and was available when needed. Met the morning of, explained the process in full detail and provided a quotation. Very professional and did an amazing job. Well worth the value and will definitely use again. 100% recommend.

Nicci Hughes

Great service, quick, efficient, easy to deal with and job well done!

James Williamson

Ivan was fantastic and very thorough. On arrival we walked through the house where I identified known stains on the carpet, he proceeded to bring out a UV light that identified lots of other stains not seen to the eye. We had a couple of coffee stains and a red wine stain which Ivan was able to remove and make the carpets look like brand new. The process from start to finish was fantastic and would highly recommend him.

Darren Auld

The mats and carpet are like brand new again! We are absolutely rapt with the end result! Ivan you have done an amazing job – so quickly and professionally. Thank you for your explanation of how the chemicals work, what chemicals you use and what to expect. We will be singing your praises to all our neighbours (you met Maree), family and friends! We will highly recommend your services to everyone. Thank you again!

Raewyn Golding

CPR were awesome and so great to deal with. Our carpets now look new again. We also had the arms of our couch done as they were an absolute mess. These also came up fantastic. Would recommend to anyone and will also use again. Thanks Ivan

Shane Ruan

Carpet CPR was outstanding!

We recently got a large dog that urinated on the carpets in her first night with us. We have and maintain pristine carpets.
She had peed in Three spots that we knew about, but later identified (by Carpet CPR with their tech) to be six locations.

Unfortunately, that was enough to cause extensive long term damage to our home.

We were Staring down the barrel of full carpet replacements in excess of $10,000 so we tried every thing. Starting with home remedies, all available store shelf carpet cleaning products, even those purporting to be urine specific cleaners with enzymes. Nothing was working.

We rented a carpet cleaning machine from a local hardware store and did the whole house ourselves, with specific spot treatment and this did not help but actually worsened the problem.

We then sought professional support, from a leading large multinational corporation, who disappointingly sent in an uninformed technician and unprepared to troubleshoot the specific problem but rather just ran a bigger dumber machine than the one we already rented from the hardware store.

Unfortunately but not unsurprisingly this resulted in no improvement so we tried to contact them to return for subsequent and follow up treatments but they abandoned the call, ghosted us and we were left with wet carpets and no solution and never heard from them again.

Anyone in this situation would know this felt like rock bottom. Where to from here? We turned to writing a cry for help in a local Facebook group and someone had recommended Carpet CPR in the Queenstown’s lakes area and frantically emailing any service provider we could find, few calling us back, or not interested:

Ivan from Carpet CPR got in touch with us right away and assessed the situation, and promised he could fix this. He was upfront and honest that this was not going to be cheap – but we were not looking for cheap, we were looking a solution from a professional. Willing to pay in desperate times, anything to avoid a full carpet replacement. In the end his fees were absolutely reasonable.

He was at our place for a few hours, and followed up on a second day, and used the best and most convincing equipment and detergents we had seen. You know right away that this process and methodology is going to work. And the house smelled of gentle detergent, like clean laundry.

The guy is a tremendously hard worker, man of his word, and all around good dude that wanted to help and takes great pride and satisfaction in helping people. He did help us, in a big way. His pricing is fair, you pay for a solution and avoid the headache and chase of empty promises from other providers. Do it once, do it right. Get Carpet CPR On the job!

We keep him on emergency stand by for possible future accidents with our beloved puppy, and trust that we’re in good hands.

– Happy dog owners from Queenstown.


Was good prompt service, within 4 days of first contact. Great finished result.

Tyler Ford

Amazing results. Thank you for coming on short notice. The level of professionalism, responsiveness and results made me to call you again and again to perform the carpet and upholstery cleaning of our Hotel. Highly recommended. Thank you once again for your great job.

Dipesh Singh

Thank you for your timely response & professional attitude. Good outcome removing paint from a loop pile, wool carpet. Also pleased with steam cleaning of floor rugs & drapes. Would use again.

Jim Mcrae

If you would like the carpet service that actually removes the carpet stains and odor – call these guys! We have a 14-year-old dog, who can’t make it outside sometimes, and tried a few companies and all the products from supermarkets and pet stores. On top of that, we love curry and have tiny spills or drops now and then, and a toddler… Carpet CPR guys have solved all our carpet problems and a couch too. Highly recommend!

Elena Skorykh

Just today had our carpet done and it looks amazing so quick with no smells of chemicals left behind. We will definitely recommend you to others in Queenstown areas. Thank you!

Sunit Kamal Singh

Excellent – and I don’t say that lightly. Very responsive when initially seeking the service. Ivan followed up promptly, gave an accurate quote on receipt of photos, fronted for the job on time, professional approach by both persons, helpful, friendly, open, technically proficient. Advised me for ongoing results. These guys are keepers!

Frances Anderson

Very impressive results from this company. The best thing was the low moisture cleaning which meant my carpets were dry and looking brand new in less than 30 minutes after being cleaned. Very professional and friendly service too.

Alex Robertson

The team at Carpet CPR were awesome! Incredible customer service, very friendly, professional, and the carpets looked great. Really happy with the results. Would 100% recommend. Many Thanks 😊

Toni Ward

We asked CarpetCPR to refresh our carpets and sofa, we ended up with amazing results even removing stubborn marks that previous cleans didn’t budge! Would highly recommend

Lauren Honeyfield

Great job from the start to the finish, both the guys are very proud of the work they do and always have the equipment to do the best job possible! would highly recommend using them and I’ll be getting them back to do more work in the future! 5 *’s!

Charlie Martin

An amazing company to sort your cleaning needs! Had our house done and it looks amazing! So fast with no smells of chemicals left behind,
We are having a baby and have 2 dogs so wanted it done before and they met our needs with times and a day.
Thank you so much!
We will definitely recommend you to others 🙂

Kellie Bowman

Absolutely blown away with the level of professionalism and results from the team at Carpet CPR. From the minute I reached out with a nasty red wine stain on my carpet, Ivan was with me within the hour working their magic which completely removed the stain. Highly recommended and 100% will be using your service again, thank you

Jordan Lewis

Amazing service! Would definitely recommend this company to clean your carpets, couches and inside of your cars. Quick and efficient, and available as soon as possible, no wait time at all. Friendly staff. Definitely worth the price. Will be using this company again for sure ☺️

Jules Martin